Tribal Zone is a well-known leading brand in fashion accessories business with a message of inspiring success for its customers. We have the privilege to work with well known companies to satisfy their different business needs. Tribal Zone is completely dedicated with full supply chain management support - from selection and procuring fashion accessories to delivery process for our clients. Our present aim is to discuss your company's requirements so we can make your own FASHION ACCESSORIES BUSINESS grow.  

     Our corporate clients have their own style embodied in their company's private collections which are inimitable by others. Tribal Zone creates unique designs for its trademarks according to its client's leading idea based on its own brand's fashion patterns.
Choose to do business with Tribal Zone, share with us your vision and let us be the key that opens the door to the fashion accessories world.

     With a vast experience of international sourcing Tribal Zone has a great reach with manufacturers. The best and reliable sources of our products are dedicated to providing the high service quality for our corporate clients.

Quality guarantee

     At Tribal zone we pride ourselves on our individualistic and detailed approach, from design creation to our unrivaled customer service, our company has set quality checks for the products so as to make us sure that every item is manufactured as per fashion industry standards.


     Customizing the product by Tagging and Bar-Coding is being done at Tribal Zone. Every product are marked according to your Brand and Company's policy which makes your job easier!

     Tribal Zone provides you with the complete packaging solutions that takes care of your merchandise. The look and feel of the product has always been maintained till it is delivered at the destination.

Warehousing solutions
     Tribal Zone operates professionally managed, secure space at warehousing facilities in Mumbai. Our customers also can choose to store products purchased from us. Whether you need assistance with inventory management you can depend on us.

Dispatch / Delivering
     Our supply chain partners are important to us and building strong, long term and ethically responsible relationships are key to our continued success. Right from the dispatch from our warehouse to delivery at your warehouse, all process is been taken due care of.